Ideal canidate should be working as Lead with 5 – 7 Years of hands on experience in MySQL

Administers MySQL databases; responsible for database integrity, security, disaster recovery, and performance tuning; develops and enforces database administration and user standards and procedures; audits, modifies, and amends data in systems using SQL commands, hand-editing, and bulk import
Oversees the scheduling of database projects, database and transaction log backups, notifications, and database replication between multiple Servers and remote sites; assists developers in creating stored procedures and SQL commands to properly query databases; Fluent in backup/restore and log shipping procedures; Creates documentation on database recovery and architecture.
Design and develop advanced database solutions including T-SQL stored procedures and triggers
Monitor and maintain security and performance needs of relational databases
Monitor long running transactions and have the ability to optimize query executions with index tuning and optimized T-SQL coding techniques
Map out “conceptual design” patterns for hierarchies and other complex nonrelational types of models
Install and maintain new versions and upgrades of MySQL
Write database documentation including data standards, procedures, and definitions for a data dictionary.
Control access permission’s and privileges
Develop, manage, maintain and test backup and recovery plans
Capacity Planning
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