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*Lovingly dedicated to you, if your kids made you cry this summer*

Yesterday I made my mom cry.


My little brother and I were in the bath and we were having so much fun, you know, splashing water at each other and emptying water buckets on the floor. And then I thought of a really cool game, really, it was the COOLEST game. I found a ball and I was throwing it at the shampoo bottle on the counter behind my mom’s head and just like throwing it and throwing it and going “hiiii-ya!” all the time and I think my mom said “stop, Ben!” to me but it was just SO. MUCH. FUN. Really. I was just dying to play that game!!! My baby brother, Daniel, liked it too. Every time I threw the ball, he would go like *squeak* and clap. I didn’t think it would make my…

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