It is not accidental that Hill begins with desire. Success always begins with desire.
Most people want to be successful. Wanting success is a waste of time. Worse, it just produces frustration. Only a burning, all-consuming, fervent and passionate desire will produce the exceptional results that make up true success.

Wanting is best understood by its second meaning in the dictionary: lack. To want for something is to lack something and so long as you merely want success, you will lack success. Wanting is mere wishful thinking. Desire, on the other hand, is an extremely potent force. It is a supreme motivator. It is a metaphysical principle of creation.

Desire is an energetic emanation of the human spirit that enacts the law of attraction. Desire is the metaphysical equivalent of gravity. Desire draws to you the thing desired, or the elements that will constitute the thing desired. Desireā€¦

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