Business Intelligence jobs in Chennai

Experience in Data Warehousing

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Functional Skills:
1.            Advanced problem-solving skills
2.            Initiative and ability to think outside the box
3.            Experience in financial reconciliation in a financial services business
4.            Good math’s capabilities
5.            Understanding of the payment card transaction process
6.            Shell domain knowledge is an advantage

Technical Skills:

1.            SSIS;  SSAS;   SSRS;  ETL;  Data Warehouse AND MDX QUERIES SKILLSET with SQL Server 2008 R2 Database Knowledge.
2.            Extensive T- SQL Knowledge.
3.            Know how to write Stored Procedures;  Functions;  Views.
4.            SSRS experience to create new/Modify the Recon Reports.
5.            .NET knowledge to write windows/Web based app to automate the Recon Process