How a person’s opinion changes, depending on a situation

Once a man was walking in hot Sun to travel to his house as there was no transport available, the day was extremely hot and the heat had reached to unbearable temperature.


The man got tired and wanted to take shelter for some time, he neared a very big house and thought of resting for sometime below the window pane for some time and went and stood below the window pane.

After sometime he saw a lady opening the window of the house and asked him, believe you have travelled in hot sun and you are tired and you look very thirsty your face has become red, do you wish to have some water.

The man felt happy and immediately said yes, the lady closed the window and went in, the man was very happy and he started praising the lady for her courtesy and thought very high of her.

He waited for 5 minutes the window was not open, he thought she is taking time, he waited for 10 minutes there was no sign of window being opened, the man started thinking why the lady did not return, did she cheat me by offering water or made fun of me.

It is the same mind but the thoughts and opinion about the lady has changed.

Again after waiting for 5 more minutes, the man decided to leave the place very angry with the lady who did not turn up after 20 minutes.

As he started to walk, few steps he saw the window was opening, he turned back and saw the lady, she told him that it took her some more time as she thought of making lemon juice instead of just offering water. Immediately the mind of this man started thinking, he started telling to himself I was wrong, I developed such negative feeling about this lady who was so generous and good and she was late because she wanted to offer me juice.

Here the mans opinion changed 3 times in a span of 20 – 30 minutes.

  1. When the lady offered to get him some water
  2. When the lady did not turn back for 20 minutes
  3. When she returned and opened the window.

In all the above 3 situations still the man has not got water / quenched his thirst situation is same but his opinion is not the same.

The situation is the same but the persons thought process changed and his perception changed, this is how every human thinks, his opinions keeps changing based on TIME and CIRCUMSTANCES.

Think twice before you change your OPINIONS, take the positive approach towards a situation, instead of thinking negative.

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