Competency mapping identifies an individual’s strengths and weaknesses

Competency matrix

gives a glimpse of hiring competent people to various positions and shows some of the pointers to understand how organizations to decide whom to hire and at what competency level.

competancy-model-equinoxCompetency mapping is the process of identifying preferred behaviors and personal skills that characterize a good performance and excellent value for the average.

The use of Competency Mapping is during hiring, through exercises based on the work accurate and relevant, validated, psychometric testing, and assessment for the later development, succession planning and promotion, organizational development analysis.

Wrong competency mapping in organizations is one of the major reasons for high attrition and collapse of organization, a conscious focus to make a right hire will curtail attrition, and helps organizations to achieve their vision.

Many organizations attempt to hire the best talent (STAR), it is recommended to make right hire and not the best hire.

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