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Believe in Reincarnation of Urgyen Tsomo

Urgyen Tsomo (1897-1961) was a prominent Tibetan Buddhist female master who was known as the Great Dakini of Tsurphu (Tsurpu Khandro Chenmo). She was the consort of the Khakyab Dorje, 15th Karmapa Lama. She was the reincarnation (emanation) of Yeshe Tsogyal, the wife of Padmasambhava of the 8th century, who spread Buddhism in Tibet. Her emanation is Mindrolling Jetun Khandro Rinpoche.


Before her death, Urgyen Tsomo told her students that she would be reborn in the northeastern part of India. This prophecy was fulfilled when her emanation was identified as Khandro Rinpoche, found in Kalimpong in India. The 16th Karamapa in Sikkim had also identified her when she was 10 months old as the reincarnation of Khandro Urgyen Tsomo or the Great Dakini of Tsurphu. This nun is now known as Eminence Mindroling Jetun Khandro Rinpoche and she teaches Tibetan Buddhism widely, unlike her predecessors.She is now the perpetrator of the Mindrolling lineage and is considered a tulku within the Kagyu lineage, with links to the Nyingma and Kagyu lineages.

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Indian Government plans to make soft skills training as part of the syllabus

Indian government plans to make soft skills training as part of the syllabus

NEW DELHI: To bridge the chasm between skills imparted by vocational training schools and the abilities industry looks for in potential employees, the Modi government is rolling out an ambitious plan to top-up the existing technical syllabus across industrial training institutes with modules aimed at making them ready for the modern workplace.

On the anvil are over 500 hours of training content on soft skills like inter-personal communication and functional English to be used for daily workplace chores, practical know-how on dealing with emergencies in work domains and most importantly, IT skills necessary to browse the iNet and social media, and operate office productivity tools.

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How Cows can help Human Save the Planet: Climate Change | equinoxesin

This interesting video posted by World Bank, has some really interesting facts to know and how if practiced we all can contribute to save Planet Earth and Climate Change. #equinoxesin

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What do you want to be ? | Story of 3 Men | equinoxesin

In the Middle Ages, there was a famine in the countryside, so the young men went to the city to make a living. Three of them—John, Peter, and Paul—were from the same village, and they all found employment in the house-cum-studio of a great artist. They had not known each other before. The artist also had roots in their village, which was why he hired them out of the many hundreds who besieged him for any job at any wage—some even willing to work for scraps of food and a place to sleep.

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The artist had risen from humble beginnings because of a combination of talent, luck, and hard work. Now he was famous across the continent, and even the Pope beseeched him to paint the murals in a great cathedral. He was resting at home and intended to take up that job when he was done with some paintings for which he had been commissioned.

He set the three youths to work immediately, and the hours were long. He bought small stones from travelers from distant countries in the East, and the young men were required to crush them with hammersuntil they became a fi ne powder, then soak the powder in a  foul-smelling liquid, then drain and evaporate the liquid on sheets of muslin. He also gave them samples of plants and sent them out to distant hills to gather great quantities. They then had to crush the plants and boil the juice into a concentrate. From all this came pigments of rich color that the artist used in his work. He was creating a stockpile of materials he would need for the murals. John disliked the work, the smell, and the hours and only remained because he saw no alternative. Peter did not particularly like what he did, but he thought it was better than the hard labor that was the lot of a friend who worked at the blacksmith’s foundry, so he diligently did what he was supposed to do. Paul was intrigued by the iridescent colors that appeared from humdrum sources as if by magic and began to experiment. He paid attention to what the artist said, observed him at work, and asked questions. When he was not rebuffed, he felt encouraged and began asking questions regularly. That is how he knew the artist was looking for a particular shade of red, and he saw Happiness at Work a plant that he thought would yield such a hue when its juice was mixed with another, which turned out to be the case. The artist was mightily pleased.

When his commissions were fi nished, the artist wound up his establishment. John was dismissed. Peter was paid a small stipend— barely enough to keep body and soul together—to help maintain the house an  keep it in good repair. As for Paul, the artist asked him if he would like to accompany him and be his apprentice. Paul accepted joyfully and, in time, became a noted artist in his own right. This, in a sense, is the choice you have every day. You can be an eagle soaring eff ortlessly in the sun. You can be John, essentially a laborer for hire. You can be Peter, essentially an industrious craftsman. Or you can be Paul, an eager creator of beauty who is curious about the world and actively engaged with it in a quest to make it better. Choose wisely.
be, in the words of George Bernard Shaw, “a feverish, selfi sh little clod of ailments and grievances complaining that the
world will not devote itself to making you happy,” or you can
be an eagle soaring eff ortlessly in the sun. You can be John,
essentially a laborer for hire. You can be Peter, essentially an
industrious craftsman. Or you can be Paul, an eager creator of
beauty who is curious about the world and actively engaged
with it in a quest to make it better. Choose wisely.

‘The mysterious and majestic blue hue’ emanating from Hong Kong seas is cause for concern

Eerie fluorescent blue patches of water glimmering off Hong Kong’s seashore are magnificent, disturbing and potentially toxic, marine biologists say.

The glow is an indicator of a harmful algal bloom created by something called Noctiluca scintillans, nicknamed Sea Sparkle.

It looks like algae and can act like algae. But it’s not quite. It is a single-celled organism that technically can function as both animal and plant.

These type blooms are triggered by farm pollution that can be devastating to marine life and local fisheries, according to University of Georgia oceanographer Samantha Joye, who was shown Associated Press photos of the glowing water.

Sea Sparkle

“Those pictures are magnificent. It’s just extremely unfortunate that the mysterious and majestic blue hue is created by a Noctiluca,” Joye wrote in an email Thursday.

This is part of a problem that is growing worldwide, said Joye and other scientists.

Noctiluca is a type of single-cell life that eats plankton and is eaten by other species. The plankton and Noctiluca become more abundant when nitrogen and phosphorous from farm run-off increase.

Unlike similar organisms, Noctiluca doesn’t directly produce chemicals that can attack the nervous system or parts of the body.

But recent studies show it is much more complicated and links them to blooms that have been harmful to marine life. Noctiluca’s role as both prey and predator can eventually magnify the accumulation of algae toxins in the food chain, according to oceanographer R. Eugene Turner at Louisiana State University.

Sea Sparkle

Baby Elephant born to a Women in Norway and is willing to give it to India

We in India Welcome this baby as we treat Elephant equal to Lord Ganesha | equinoxesin

NORWAY – Millions of Hindis everywhere have begun a pilgrimage to Norway after a Norwegian couple recently gave birth to a half-human/half-elephant hybrid that many Hindu practitioners believe to be the reincarnation of the popular deity Ganesha. Ganesha is commonly depicted as a man with several limbs and the head of an elephant.


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Does Facebook lowers your self control | Equinoxesin

Watch this video on does #facebook lower your self control | #equinox4u

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Video has been posted by a #Research #processor of Columbia #Business School

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Do you know how many people use facebook worldwide ?

Analysis of Facebook users worldwide | #equinox

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Internet connectivity a fundamental right in India | #equinox

#Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg, who began his two-day visit to India today, said Internet connectivity should be the fundamental right of all citizens of the country.

Delivering a keynote in the two-day-long Summit, which aims to make Internet access affordable for all, Zuckerberg said: “When people are connected, accomplishments are easy… Connected people have better access to technology, education and jobs.”


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